End of August Fishing with ‘The Bean’

Capt. Brandon ‘The Bean’ Storin has reported excellent fishing this last week of August.  Larger size tripletail have shown up in good number off the beaches and backcountry areas of cape sable and Flamingo.  This is one of Brandon’s favorite things to target and are lots of fun!  There’s a certain level of skill required which makes it much more rewarding for anglers, though if you aren’t sure of your casting skills Capt. Brandon is happy to do that part for you and let you just hook ’em and reel ’em in!  They offer excellent tablefare as well and are probably the best eating fish we have in the backcountry.  Other than that there are good numbers of snook around with quite a few juvenile redfish starting to pop up in the last few weeks.  This is a great sign as the redfish population the last year or two had definitely dwindled from what it was a few years ago.  Though everything ebbs & flows in cycles and hopefully we’re at the start of another run up in their numbers!  Fall & winter are typically great times for snook & redfish in the backcountry and this year with it being offseason the next couple of months, the fishing pressure is finally off of them which leads to great opportunities.  Capt. Brandon has also reported some good fishing for snapper for those just looking for a half day, and there have been some juvenile tarpon in some of his snapper holes for the old ‘dinner & a show’ option!  Give me a shout if you’d like to book a day with Capt. Brandon, we’re still offering a good discount through September and 10% off in October for the time being.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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