10/5/23 October and the Fall Mullet Run!

Well we’re into October and it has started to really feel like Fall!  We had some good northeast wind earlier this week, and now it’s settled back down to 10-15mph northeast.  But the air is much dryer and has cool the bay temps down to low 80s.  Definitely feels like Fall here and you can see a lot of bait showing up with bird activity and all.  I went out today with my dad and we were on the hunt for big snook.  We found some early on and ended up catching a couple real nice sizes ones!  Drifting the pinfish on jigs did the trick.  After that we checked another area and found some more in a couple other spots, catching one off each.  The last stop a big shark was hanging around and the biggest snook of the day got under the boat, grabbed by the shark, but we managed pull her out of its mouth and landed the fish before it got eaten!  We took time to take the fish to a more protected area to release it, which it seemed to swim away fine even though it was scraped up from the shark teeth.  Gotta do what you can!  Anyways we saw quite a bit of bait around started with a huge ball of mullet right at the bridge when we left the dock, then off the mainland we saw several small mullet schools getting busted by fish, and one larger ball out off the beaches outside too.  That is typical of this time of year as it cools down up north and we get more northeasterly winds bringing all that bait down.  It’s a great time of year to fish and still on the quieter side as far as business goes, so I highly recommend it!  Give me a shout if you are interested in getting out there, we have availability!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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