9/19/2023 Big Snooks were chewin’

Got out with pops today for a little fun fishing.  It was fairly calm with a light east breeze and falling tide most of the time we fished.  We went in search of large snook as we often do when I’m fishing with him.  We’ve been having fairly good luck as of late it’s nice to see these fish around in a somewhat consistent manner.  I’ve definitely put a lot of time and research into fishing for the big ones and they’re never a guarantee and I truly do appreciate every one we get to lay eyes on!  Anyways we started out with a bang and caught a decent size one and a smaller one in the first stop.  After that we tried a couple of areas with no love aside from a small goliath grouper.  Though the next stop we found a good group of fish.  Didn’t really notice any significant signs of them being there aside from getting thumped as soon as our bait got into the area we were trying to hit!  We caught a couple large fish and then I ended up hooking a monster that hit my pinfish while i was reeling it in to get it out of the way of another fish we had on!  Great fish and boy did she zip some line.  After that we had a shark get one and decided to leave that area alone for the rest of the time.  After that things more or less dried up though we did end up catching one more decent size fish on the way home, making it a total of 8 or so for the day, including a couple ‘jumbo’ size ones, which for larger size snook is really good!  We did not see much for tarpon life today though, I didn’t really try fishing for them but definitely had my eyes peeled as I’ll likely be doing that the next few days some as I have trips coming up.  Doesn’t mean they aren’t there but definitely not the big school I saw last week that was so productive.  Oh well hopefully tomorrow they’ll appear!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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