12/19/23 Another Cold Front but some nice fish!

Well we just had some major weather move through over the weekend again.  A late season tropical system developed and it poured rain and blew over 30 knots Friday through Sunday… very strange weather and very similar to the tropical system we had a little over a month ago.  Strange for this time of year.  But a cold front moved in soon after and things dropped into the high 50s last night.  The bay was pretty muddy but not terrible overall and from here on out the wind is suppose to stay northeasterly until Xmas, and then maybe lay out somewhat over Xmas week to New Years but of course that is still a bit of time away so may change.  But no more cold weather forecast to get us until then as of now so I think it could be good stable conditions and good fishing!  Today I had my dad and Capt. Stephen who is now running my Contender just out fun fishing.  We tried for some big fish and were particularly interested to see if some big drums had moved in.  Not a whole lot around but we did find one spot where we managed a couple decent sized black drums, and a pretty good sized snook too!  So that was good to see.  I’m hoping in January when we perhaps get some even cold weather we’ll get a few days where some of those big fish move in quite a few spots, but that’ll remain to be seen.  But overall the backcountry bite has been decent around the recent cold fronts thus far.  If you want to get a trip booked let me know, Capt. Stephen and Capt. Trent both have some availability between now and New Years.  Though of course Xmas week books up quick so I’d recommend getting something on the calendar if you plan to be here then ASAP.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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