1/27/2024 Great January half day fishing in Islamorada

Capt. Stephen Byrd got out for half of a day today Saturday morning here fishing in Islamorad.  He had some guys just looking for action and requested to try and catch a little table fare.  Steve was up to the call he had found some good size mangrove snappers the previous evening while out fun fishing.  So they fished some local pilings today there however the big ones seemed to have moved on but they were able to catch there fill of legal size ones none the less.  They did end up finding some larger ones later on, nice mangrove snappers up to 15 inches!  Those babies can pull and such fun on light tackle.  They also had a few various jacks, lookdowns, and other species in the mix.  Capt. Steve had some time left over and they gave it a shot for bonefish on the nearby flats.  January isn’t often a great time for bonefish but we are in between cold fronts right now so the water temperatures have gotten to a tolerable level for those fish.  Sure enough they caught a double header within 10 minutes!   One fish was a very respectable sized one too about a 7 lber.  It was all smiles after that!  Great way to put a nice half day together here in the Florida Keys fishing in January.  Looks like we have a front coming the next couple of days and it will drop back down into the high 50s… so some of the coldest weather we’ve gotten this winter.  Good news is it is calming down right afterwards so by Tuesday through the rest of the week it’s suppose to be 10mph or less out of the north and stay chilly.  This should be really a good setup for some larger backcountry snook, drum, and possibly some cobia in the nearby gulf!  I’ll be getting out with pops on Tuesdays so we’ll see if that is the day but I think the rest of the week could be very good fishing too.  We’ve got a few more days available throughout so if you want to go, give us a shout!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing
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