9/11/2023 Banner tarpon fishing continues

Tarpon fishing continues to be red hot this September.  I fished a couple days back to back on the 10th and 11th.  We found a massive school of tarpon in the backcountry both days and had phenomenal fishing!  First day we actually stumbled into them while snook fishing.  Had quite a few bites and landed four fish.  Lots of action on our mullet and my regular customer Jeff had an awesome time.  The following day we looked around and didn’t see them in quite the same area, but a few miles south we saw a few splashing around as we drove by and sure enough it was them again!  Same thing lots of action on our mullet and it lasted for several hours.  Obviously I can’t say what’s going to happen from here on out but I think we’ll still have good tarpon fishing for a bit hopefully through October and maybe into early November even if it stays warm.  The mullet we use to catch these fish has been around too though not always easily catchable… but usually if we have a trip it’s not super busy so we’ll try to catch bait before hand if possible.  Same with fishing sometimes catching bait is all about being in the right place at the right time to catch it, and it can either be a ‘one and done’ throwing the net and catching 80 at once, or spending an hour throwing a bunch of times to come up with just a handful.  But good news is I just loaded up my cooler for my next few trips next week but if anything pops up in the meantime I’m ready!  Give me a shout if you want to get out this fall for tarpon or any other species we have captains ready and waiting to go.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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