1/30/24 Cold Islamorada weather got us a big snook!

Got out with pops today we had another cold front come and dropped down into the high 50s here in Islamorada.  We only had a couple fronts in December/early january but now we’re getting a few more with another one on the way next week.  The cold gives us different fishing opportunities and depending when you catch it can be really good or really tough.  Often when it first gets cold can be tough especially in the early morning while temperatures are low.  But often once it warms up slightly by 10/11AM, then you can have stellar fishing on some days.  And once the fish are adjusted to it if its been cold for several days and the wind drops out, you can have good fishing the whole time.  Big fish tend to show up in and around those cold days some of the nicest catches I can remember, but of course you have to remember the time you put in for those bites.  Today I had my dad out and we were fun fishing.  It got cold and I thought might be ‘the day’ but the wind had cranked hard last night a little more westerly than we thought and it was pretty muddy everywhere we were hoping for that shot at a trophy.  Though we ended up making it happen getting a nice over slot snook of about 16 lbs at the end of our trip.  It suppose to get colder tomorrow night and then the wind is going to lay out for a few days.  You can bet one of those days will be productive as soon as that water clears up slightly which it can do pretty quick when those water temperatures drop drastically.  The cold water tends to have the sediment drop out quicker than when its hot.  I don’t know if I’ll get out again myself this week but Capt. Stephen is fishing Thursday and is open tomorrow and Friday.  If anyone is looking to go it’ll be a great time for the gulf with mackerels, snappers, and tripletails, and then have a shot at trophy big snook or cobia or something like that.  February is right around the corner and I imagine by the 2nd week we’ll be after some tarpon again.  I know before this front came in a few days ago the one slick calm warm day we had, tons of tarpon were around in the backcountry so I’m sure they are just waiting for the next warm up to come and play.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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