sandbar shark

2-22-13 Offshore Fishing Islamorada

There’s been some good action the past few days while offshore fishing islamorada. Today We had a father and daughter out for a full of islamorada fishing action! We started out like we do every day by rounding up some live bait. From there we went to a wreck just outside the reef, and within an hour caught our limit of king mackerel to about 10 lbs. After that we put some live ballyhoo out and within 20 minutes hooked a pair of decent blackfin tuna in the 12 – 15 lb range, and managed to land one of them. The next target was a big shark. It was a little rough today but we took our time and went out to another spot I like in about 300′ of water. We sent down a slab of bonito and within 10 minutes hooked the shark we were looking for! Some days things don’t go your way though and after about a minute of fighting the shark we broke the line! Anyhow we didn’t let it ruin the rest of our day. We caught a couple barracuda after that and then came back towards the reef. I found a handful of mahi under a bird and we managed to catch 1 and missed another, the other fish didn’t bite. The last couple hours we focused on sailfish, and we had 2 shots, hooking one, but after about a minute battle the sailfish started jumping all over and our hook came flying out. Yesterday though while february fishing in Islamorada we had a great morning trip. We caught a couple king mackerel to start the day and then anchored down for some bottom fishing for a couple hours. We managed our limit of 20 snappers including mangroves and yellowtail. We pulled anchor and start running towards home, but I had just climbed up to the tuna tower and way out to the side I noticed a large cobia swimming on top! We turned towards him and there was a nice school of cobia following a big stingray. We hooked 3 fish, 2 were undersize and then we fought a 57 lb lunker for 3o minutes before sinking the gaffs into the fish. The day before we had a couple amberjack to 30 lbs, a couple mutton and yellowtail snapper, a sandbar shark we released, a few king mackerel, and also released a big black grouper (the season re opens for shallow water grouper on May 1st).  Book your Islamorada Fishing Charter today!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk