10/21/16 October Backcountry Fishing in Islamorada Florida

October is rolling by and we’ve been experiencing the ‘fall bait run.’  During this time we start to get some of the first consistent northerly breezes and lots of baitfish migrate back down the coasts of Florida.  While the bait varies a good part of it is mullet of all sizes, many black mullet though silvers as well.  The tarpon usually go absolutely nuts along with plenty of other predator species, and many of the large tarpon that were around in the spring are making their way back south as well as it is starting to cool off north of here.  This can make for some spectacular fishing and to be honest this year September and October Islamorada Fishing has been the best tarpon fishing we have had all year.  The last couple weeks though it has really been game on, with the bait run and tons of tarpon all over the shoreline of South Florida in the everglades national park.  It’s quite a sight to witness tarpon from 20 lbs to 200 lbs crashing mullet multiple times a minute, sometimes as far as you can see.  Anyways I’ve fished every day the last week and we have had multiple tarpon bites every day that we have tried.  We have landed at least one fish every day as well, usually 2 or more – that is some good fishing for this time of year!  I don’t know how much longer it will go on as we are getting a cold front this weekend, though it is not suppose to get very cold so it might spark right back up again next week.  Anyways once it does cool off, the snook and redfish fishing should get much better.  It’s been fair though not as good as usual for the Fall, but I think it is still coming.  Out in the gulf the spanish mackerel will be an everyday thing soon as well.  November is a nice time to be here as it is much more comfortable outside, and with the cooling off we start to get a taste of more of our winter time fishing.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk