1/10/17 January Everglades Backcountry Fishing Cold Front

Well just got back in town yesterday after some fun skiing in Wyoming!  The cold weather followed us though they got hit with a good front here in South Florida on Saturday night, dropping into the low 50s here.  The water temps were still say down even though the air had warmed up a little, as the wind was still howling too keeping the water from warming up.  We got into the backcountry today with Toni and Andy and had a good day overall.  It was a slow start we got one nice big snook in the first stop, then nothing else for about 40 minutes, kept waiting for it to turn on but it didn’t.  Tried another spot and nothing, then ran to a spot we know for the larger black drums, and caught one little drum and then a nice 20 lber!  I thought it was going to be red hot, but again it shut right off after that.  We tried a couple other spots and no luck at all.  Then went into some smaller creeks to try, got one more snook and a sheepshead.  After that I was almost ready to bail but the wind was howling now so there wasn’t going to be many more options that were easy to get to.  So we tried one last ditch spot and it turned out to be the honey hole!  We probably caught 10 or so snook, 8 black drum, and a redfish, to finish up the last 1.5 hours of the day.  Some days when it gets cold like this it can be the best fishing you’ve ever had, or it can be a very slow pick until you hopefully get to that good red hot spot.  Looks like a busy week for me I am booked every day until sunday, and then got several days booked next week as well.  Gimme a shout if you want to wet a line here fishing in Islamorada in January!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk