1/13/17 Everglades Fishing in the Florida Keys January

Got out with Fred and his son Brandon today into the backcountry.  The winds were breezy in the AM but by late morning kicked up to 25 mph!  Things have warmed up some too the water was close to 70 back where we were.  Fishing was still pretty good and it was much less crowded than the last few days thankfully.  We had to jump around a bit but got on plenty of black drum and snook.  Brandon also landed one of the ‘lunker’ black drums that I love to catch, which was probably close to 35 lbs!  The pictures dont do him justice but he was a warrior for sure…  We also got a handful of redfish and sheepshead.  The afternoon was a little slower as the tide started roaring in and brought plenty of muddy water with it due to the wind.  I imagine the weekend tomorrow will be a zoo again so I’ll probably try to do some other stuff.  Hopefully it’ll lay down eventually and maybe we’ll get another good cold front or two this month!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk