10/25/17 Ocotober Fishing Islamorada for a half day

Got out with Steve and Mario for some fishing this morning.  We just did an easy little half day trip.  The boys wanted some fish for dinner and then whatever else was a bonus.  We had a cold front coming in, and the forecast was calling for rain.  Luckily though the rain wasn’t too bad we got a little drizzle early on the ride out, and that was it.  Bait was difficult with the 20 knot wind, we did see a little bit but I wasn’t able to capitalize as I didnt’ have my net loaded at the time.  It was so muddy that we weren’t able to see them after that.  Luckily I had some leftover cut bait from several days ago so we just went and used that.  Snappers weren’t very easy though we managed to pick away at them and got enough for them for a good meal.  Though we had plenty of action with other things!  Mario landed a couple juvenile tarpon, and jumped off a couple more!  I even got one myself as the guys didn’t mind if I fished with them, and since the snappers were tough I’d figured I’d give them a hand.  We also got a nice small snook, a lemon shark, a nurse shark, and got cut off by a few other bigger sharks.  I think we also even had a small goliath grouper get us caught up in the trees.  The islands were just alive with fish it was cool to see.  Not sure if they’ll stick around with the temperature dropping, but it’s not getting terribly cold so they might stick around.  Hopefully they do this would be a nice thing to have for the few weeks coming up!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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