3/14/2023 Late cold front in March but the tarpon were chewing!

I had my regular customer Paul out with a couple of his buddies.  We had a late cold front come through and the winds were cranking pretty good and it chilled down not super cold but in the high 60s in the evening.  I wasn’t quite sure what we’d found in the backcountry and was a little worried not much would be happening.  But I checked the water temperatures in the bay on the data buoys and it was chilly in the high 60s as well.  But I knew we were going to be fishing in the near gulf which is deeper and often warmer water.  I remembered a similar condition several years ago and the tarpon didn’t seem to mind much as it wasn’t super early in the season and they had been staged up there for a month ago… pretty much exact same setup as this.  So we gave it a go and boy was it the right choice!  Early on wasn’t too bad the wind was northeast and we were a little protected from the swells.  We got a tarpon bite with the first bait out that we missed.  Caught several sharks and we hopped around, hooking four more tarpon all of which we got leader on and a couple boatside but we didn’t bother going for pictures as the sharks we knew were bad.  One got eaten on us unfortunately after we had broke the line on it.  But great fishing none the less and I did get a few good video clips for the guys you can see here.  I have a couple open days later this month still and a handful in April, and a few more in May still.  Doing my seasonal rate still but again I’m only fishing 3 days a week and can often move your day around if conditions don’t look great (on this day the boys still opted to go as that was there day to fish) and I also get good video footage most of the time and you’ll get copies of professionally edited video clips such as this, and possibly even a full video that makes the Bud n’ Mary’s YouTube channel!  Give me a shout if you want to go, even if it’s not with me I also of course have my couple other captains running vessels that do a great job.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

: @richardstanczyk
: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing
: Bud n’ Mary’s Marina
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