12/7/17 Half Day December Islamorada Fishing Trip

Fun little half day with Robert and Bradley. They were visiting Florida from up in the NY area and drove down from Hollywood to meet me this AM. I had bait penned up from a few days ago, nice live pilchards, and plenty of shrimp. We headed back towards Flamingo where I’ve been having some luck with snook as of late. Took a little bit to get them going somewhat but after working at it we began picking away at them. I think we landed 7 or so and lost another 3 or 4, pretty good fishing! Snook are all catch and release now, which I prefer to do most of the time anyways. After that we hit some snapper holes and got our limit quickly again. Not quite as large of snappers as the other day but still very respectable. We made our way home after that and cleaned fish for the boys for lunch. Looks like we have a real cold front coming in Saturday which overall should be good for much of our Backcountry fishing. However it may make that day particular not very fishable as the winds are gonna crank and looks like good chances of rain too. Looks to stay in the high 50s for several days, so it’ll be legit cold for here. Might be time for the drums and reds to fire up… be ready when it gets nice. I have Sunday open if anyone wants to give that a whirl it could be very good.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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