October/Early November Fishing Report for Islamorada

Well we’re getting near to years end and well into Fall.  We’ve started to have a few weaker cold fronts get us down here, not that it’s gotten cold but we’ve had the northerly winds and dryer air.  And as a matter of fact this coming weekend is suppose to dip into the mid 60s so that’ll be a nice change.  Fishing has been across the board I’ll say overall pretty good.  Snook has been my staple as is often the case this time of year.  It’s not quite as good as it has been in recent years, there are areas where they seem to stack up but many other areas you just seem to pick one here and there.  Which still can lead to a great day but you aren’t slamming them left & right everywhere you stop.  The big snook that were around a little more last year aren’t quite as consistent this fall but have been getting a few here & there.  When the water is nice and conditions are right.  But definitely no guarantee.  Redfish have been few and far between, a few years ago too we had tons of reds around and now you maybe catch one or two a day mixed in with your snook.  Though guys who are getting super skinny had still been getting more redfish on the flats, but hopefully they’ll get better as the water cools off and they move deeper.  On some calmer days the gulf fishing was good for me the last month with some shots at permit out there and even got a nice african pompano one day.  Though last time out there the sharks got our permit and cobia we hooked but we did catch some big goliath grouper.  Bonefish fishing had been very good in October, I don’t normally do much of that as I have a big boat for it but even I was able to get into a few spots and catch them on several different days.  Though that will likely slow down as it cools off for winter.  Tarpon fishing honestly I havn’t done much of, I don’t think it’s been red hot in the backcountry for them though we do catch one randomly here & there.  I won’t be doing much of it though the next few months as it’s just too inconsistent when the weather starts to cool off.  But snook, redfish, drum, trout, sheepshead, etc.. should be a good bet in the everglades.  And on the calm days getting into the gulf for mackerel, cobia, and tripletail is fun too.  After next week I have plenty of open days until Thanksgiving, and plenty more until Christmas week as well.  I’ll also be opening days for next year probably on Monday this coming week, so make sure to sign up to my email list to get the notification when booking is available for early 2021 dates.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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