1/2/18 January Backcountry Fishing in the Everglades Islamorada

Got out with Vince and Steven who fished with me a few days ago, as well as Vinces son Lucas.  The forecast didn’t look great but got a little better by last night so we planned to go and head out early.  It was cold but not incredibly cold, and windy but not incredibly windy, so the ride wasn’t terrible I’ve definitely seen worse!  It was however overcast almost all day and their was a slight humidity in the air so that made it feel much colder and never really got to warm up throughout the day.  But only a slight drizzle for about 10 minutes not much at all really.  Fishing started out slow but when the tide slowed down and got near the change, we got in a spot where the bite really fired up.  We caught a bunch of black drum, about 8 snook, and 1 redfish.  Funny because we were picking away and caught 4 fish in about an hour, then all of a sudden we had one on every few minutes.  But after an hour or so it died down again.  We moved on and didn’t find much throughout the rest of the day.  I tried another good half dozen spots at least, and I think we only caught a couple fish on 2 of them.  I’m off now for a few days I got cancelled tomorrow but may end up taking my dad for fun as the conditions look good.  It’s gonna be in the 50s so hopefully that might mean the big drum and snook fire off.  But then it’ll be very cold with lows in the high 40s through the weekend.  At some point that will definitely fire up the backcountry bite, but it could get too cold for some of that time.  But if the fish adjust it could be very good during that time, or may be good later in the afternoons or whenever the water warms up slightly after the sharp drop.  But at some point you can guarantee it’ll ‘get good’ lol.  Anyways if you are wanting to get out fishing, give me a shout I have several open days this month and January is great for our winter time fishing.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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