1/1/18 January New Years Day Fishing Report in Islamorada

Well the New Year came and went without incident for me.  I was in bed fairly early knowing I was going to be fishing today and am starting to feel a little under the weather so want to get plenty of rest when I can!  I had George and his son Chris down today who are regular customers of BNM.  They wanted to fish with me and today was the day so we gave it a go.  We left a little early with shrimp and some chum and planned on a mixed bag day.  It warmed up again slightly from yesterday, so the water is still chilly but not really cold enough to fire off the ‘glades fishing we all love in the winter.  We gave it a try anyways and worked several areas hard for a couple fish.  The water did look a little nicer today then the last two days, so hopefully it’ll clean up even more when the temperatures drop on Wednesday night!  Luckily the couple fish we caught were good fish though. George got a nice snook that didnt’ cooperate for pictures, and also a nice 18 lb black drum!  After that it slowed down and we decided to head for open water.  We found a little batch of triple tails far up the coast, nothing big but fun to catch anyways.  Chris caught them all about a half dozen or so.  We didn’t see anything further down the coast as we made our way that way.  We tried a few pieces of structure on the shoreline and out in the gulf, hoping for a good quality fish.  No luck in either place though, the gulf spot was still very muddy looking.  The shore line place looked reasonably good and I had caught fish there a couple times in the last week.  But just not today.  After that we headed towards the mackerel grounds.  No more triple tails on the way there, I was surprised figured we’d see a few more.  But thankfully the spanish mackerel fishing in the gulf was very good.  We caught probably 16 or so, with a few blue runners and big ladyfish mixed in.  The boys kept a few to blacken this evening.  After that we called it a day.  All in all not a bad day on the water, seems par for the course the last few days having to work hard for a handful of quality fish and then there is something else we can do in the afternoon that’s been quantity vs. quality, if you will.  I have the next couple days then open again on the 4th, which is when the temperature drop will be happening for several days after that.  I’ll likely take a day to rest if I continue to feel under the weather after the next couple days, but that is really the time you want to come for January everglades winter time fishing.  Tides and conditions look favorable starting on the 4th, give me a shout if you are interested.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing