10/31/18 October Islamorada Fishing Report

Great day with Pat and Eric visiting from Texas. Nice northeast breeze and still cooled off from the front last week. We caught pilchards and had some shrimp and headed into the backcountry. First stop with high tide we checked and area for some snook and redfish. Boy did we get into them,. It was every cast for an hour and a half or so and we left them biting! Lots of small guys but one decent snook and one nice red, and did have another get eaten by a shark! After that we headed to another area to try some other stuff. Saw quite a few tarpon busting some baits, we tried drifting through there briefly but no action though we did get some nice trout here. We tried further offshore for some tarpon and did see a few but still not much interest. But we did get a big blacktip shark and a nice size lemon shark. Also some tripletail were floating by and we caught a few! Then we tried some other structure and got into some good jack crevelles. That was about all the wrote for the day but really good fishing it’s great to see. Definitely time to start mixing it up a bit, there are lots of options and the tarpon fishing will be sporadic. Off the next few days and going to Miami for the weekend them back at it next week!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing