6/20/18 June Fishing in Islamorada Florida

June is rolling by fast and we are in full on summer time mode here in Islamorada.  It’s been calm and very warm but the fishing has been pretty good!  The month started off very slow with some very tough fishing and bad conditions with some westerly winds.  But lately I’ve been having to run a good bit further than normal to find the tarpon I’ve been catching, but it’s been excellent fishing once we get there.  Getting up extra early is mandatory for this trip.  Soon however I’m hoping some more fish will push into the more common ‘summer time’ areas that we normally fish into July and August where a 6 AM departure does the trick.  There have been a few fish in those areas as of now, but they’ve been shuffling around a lot and there has also been a lot of baby blacktip sharks which makes fishing for them very difficult as you are constantly battling to get through the sharks.  But not so in the deeper areas where I’ve been going the last couple weeks.  Other than tarpon there has been good sea trout and snapper in the bays.  Near the edge of the gulf the water has been absolutely beautiful and very lively with fish.  There has even still been some schools of spanish mackerel around which is weird to see in the summer but they are here.  Snook have been pretty good in some areas with some small redfish mixed in which are good to see too.  Tripletail are floating into the bay too closer to flamingo which are fun to cast to when you are looking for tarpon.  We saw loads of them in the channels a few days ago.  All in all summe time is a great time to fish here in Islamorada.  Get up early and beat the heat, and the fishing is usually well worth it.  Drop me a line if you want to go, I still have some open days in July and August I only have a handful of days booked as of now.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing