11/5/19 Fishing in Flamingo in November

Got out for a full day today with Bill and his buddies.  We fished around Flamingo and had a great day!  Just stuck with our shrimp, we checked a few spots for bait but didn’t see much just a handful and didn’t really seem worth messing with.  But we hammered the snook in the first stop, I think we probably caught 50 or so.  Also a handful of redfish and snappers.  Sharks started to find us after a little while but didn’t lose too many.  Afterwards we fished a few other islands and worked around, just a slow pick of fish from there on it but probably managed another 8 or so snook and a few more reds.  After that we decided to run in the gulf and look for some tripletail.  We found some good numbers right away, although small, but eventually got a nice 10 lber or so.  Then we looked for a while and didn’t see much, and eventually got into another promising area where again we saw quite a few small guys then another keeper size that unfortunately wouldn’t eat for us.  After that we looked a bit more but things dried up and the water started getting nasty.  But all in all a great day!  Still very warm, suppose to get a ‘cool front’ this weekend, just dropping 4 or 5 degrees but it’s something.  Fishing is still good though but looking forward to a little cool off, and may make the fishing even better!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing