11/8/18 November Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Trip

Lots of fish for da boys today. Had Ron, Ron, and Todd out. Father and sons. Ron Jr. Had fish with me several years ago on a group trip. We headed out early and caught our bait. I decided to try out the gulf since we had 3 people and I was waiting for the tide to come in a little in the backcountry. Fishing was decent out there, a handful of big mackerel and then lots of other things like trout, lady fish, snapper, Jack’s, bluefish, and more. Constant action and as it cools off more mackerel should show up. We checked a further spot in the gulf but it was a total mud hole out there so we didn’t even bother. We then hit the backcountry and found some nice snook fishing some shoreline. We caught 3 drifting and it was lots of fun. As the tide came in we tried some other areas in the creeks. We found some good snook and redfish in one of the channels back there. Fishing all the little run off with shrimp or pilchards produced for us. One of the drains held a ton of fish and we wore the boys out there with lots of snook and redfish. After that we tried some deeper corners in hopes of a big snook which we did not find, but we did get a few big trout. All in all another banner day, great to see some fish in a few different new spots. I’m off the next few days if anyone wants to go fishing should be good. Saturday is suppose to be nice and calm and should be on 🔥!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing