11/17/18 November Everglades backcountry fishing full day Islamorada

Great day with Mark and Emily! Back on the water after a week off, fished a half day yesterday and had some good patch reef fishing. Today we hit the backcountry. Things cooled off a bit with a cold front the night before. It was definitely feeling like winter time for us. We had a great day catching fish every where we went. Lots of redfish which has been the case, but some decent size ones today. A handful of black drum and sheepshead too which are more of our cold weather friends. Snook weren’t quite as prevelant though we did get a good handful, along with Emily’s largest! Though the icing on the cake was some good little tarpon for both Mark and Emily, and also a trout for the honest backcountry slam! Fishing has been really good back there and nice to see it didn’t slow down a lick the last week I had off. We will be getting more into winter mode if we continue getting these fronts, but just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean the fishings not hot! Really some of my favorite fishing all year.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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