1/27/19 January Full Day Everglades Backcountry Charter Trip

Well the weather man had it wrong today! It was suppose to be a washout 100% chance of rain, but we never really had a drop on us. Little breezy south wind but it did out in the backcountry, and some of the prettiest eater I’d seen in a while good to see. I had Jim and Steve two of my regulars this time of year. We caught our limit of snappers to start the day which was nice and easy. After that we hit the backcountry, the boys hadn’t been in the creeks before we usually fish the gulf or patches. Weird tide it never got very low some had to fish some more unusual spots. But once we got dialed in we had good fishing! Lots of redfish which had been the norm back there. As we got near the end of the tide we checked some other areas for snook. They were spread out but we had good fishing landing in the double digits. My kind of fishing where we had a couple bites off each stop and spent time working around in different areas, not seeing another boat back there. Saw a few Crocs and then headed on home. It was slick calm for the first half of the ride and the water was gorgeous, wish we had more time to stay! We will be back at it tomorrow looks like it’ll cool off a little and start windy but get nicer as the day goes on. We will see what the day brings!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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