2/1/19 February Islamorada Fishing Report

Fun day with pops! I wasn’t booked so we did a little exploring. Went tripletail fishing early on. Lots of fish floating on the buoys which was great to see! We even found one big pack of fish which we were able to set up on with the trolling motor and pick ’em off one at a time which made for great fun. We headed deep into the gulf later in the morning and tried some spots out there which I hadn’t been in a while. One of them didn’t have much at all, and hard to say if much of the spot is left since the hurricane. The other had a couple boats already there so I didn’t want to crowd the place. But the last one paid off big! We found a lurking school of big redfish and managed to catch 4 of them including a double header! Very cool you could see the stain of red as the school circled around. But after we messed with those few of them they disappeared and that was that. Just awesome to see though, i don’t get to catch them too often but I always love when I do. We ran around and saw a few more tripletails including a monster free floater but we lost track of him unfortunately. We did get a nice black drum on the way home and then called it a day. Off tomorrow then back at it sunday!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing