2/19/19 February Islamorada Charter Fishing

Fun day with Jay, Larry, Rex, and Trip. We had some left over bait from yesterday and tried tarpon fishing first. Found a good number of fish, jumping and splashing putting on a show. Not biting real well though. We had a couple shark bites, and after 3 or 4 moves we finally jumped a tarpon. Soon after that though we got another shot. Larry got a technical release on this guy, getting him to the boat on the leader but unfortunately he threw the hook before we could lay him out for a picture. After that Jay hooked up to a big sawfish, but we weren’t able to get a look at it as it just sucked on to the bottom. We then tried to run and catch some mackerels. But mackerel fishing was tough for us, never really got them going we just caught 1 and a big trout. We had to tack into the wind to get back to where we were due to the waves, so it was a little bit of a ride back to the tarpon grounds. We tried again for a little, and hooked some big sharks but no more tarpon action. We finished up the day catching a bunch of redfish for Rex and Trip. All in all not a bad day. Back at it tomorrow looks like it’ll be another windy one.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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