2/20/19 February Windy Day Fishing in Islamorada

Another great day with Irv and his friend Bill. Winds were cranking 25 southeast, not great for fishing usually but we made it happen. Had a little rain to dodge as well but not too bad. We caught our limit of snapper early and then went back in the creeks to hide. Wasn’t a bad ride over really. We caught the bottom of the tide and picked a few redfish and couple snook to start. Seemed like it was gonna turn on but then seemed to go quiet. We waited for the tide but that didn‘t help either. We ran around and tried another spot. Caught a couple good snook there, and missed a couple others. Tide was racing in and got kinda high quickly .we bounced around again, blanking in the next stop. But then we found the right place at the right time! Bill got several small tarpon and missed a couple more. Irv got one too and missed one. We also caught a good handful of snook and redfish as well. The small tarpon flurried at first then they slowed down but it was cool! We then caught a few nice trout and small black drums. Last stop we picked a couple more redfish. All in all not a bad day at all considering our conditions. And both guys got a backcountry SLAM and then some!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing