11/4/19 Half day November Islamorada Fishing Report

Got out for a few hours of fun fishing with my brother in law Jonathan.  They were down visiting for the weekend and we had some time to play.  Just tried to hit a few of my spots hopefully for a big snook, redfish, drum, etc…  Water was gorgeous some of the prettiest I’ve seen in those areas and looked like it was going to be very very good.  Though to be honest it wasn’t – i was surprised!  Tons of jacks, mackerels,  and little sharks in a couple of those areas, hard to get through them.  We did catch some snook and a few redfish in the first stop, nothing super big but a handful.  Spot 2 we did get one nice redfish about 10 to 12 lbs for him so that was cool, then it was very hard to get through the sharks.  Next stop we got a decent snook same thing about a 10-12 lber and some more jacks.  Then we made one more stop and caught a few more redfish.  Then we stopped again in the area where we started as the tide had changed and thought it may pick back up, but we picked a few more snook and redfish.  So it was a decent pick of fish and a lot of action if you were into the jacks, mackerel, etc… but with as clean and nice as  the water looked with the nice lighter north breeze early on, I was hoping we’d of whacked ’em good but just wasn’t the case.  Need a cold front to move some fish around I think.  But all that being said I’m sure we could’ve done well fishing some other areas, and especially if we had more time, but since it wasn’t a pay trip where I felt I had to produce numbers we were just trying to go for the big boys.  I’m pretty busy the rest of this week we’ll see what happens out there.  Looks like this weekend we will finally get a slight cool down just a few degrees, but hopefully it’s a sign of more to come.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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