12/18/19 December Redfish in the Florida Keys

Went out for a days fun fishing with my wife Elizabeth and our friends John and Andrea.  Forecast didn’t look great it was suppose to be a lot of rain between the cold fronts here.  It was misty on the ride into the backcountry, but never got poured on and after a couple hours it was fairly dry and overcast all day.  Nice and cool not bad at all really.  We found some big redfish early on, it was slick calm and just perfect condition for a spot I like.  We caught about a half dozen all 15-18 lb fish!  We tried a few other spots, not much on ’em we had a black drum get eaten by a bull shark and lost something big maybe a cobia that ran out a lot of line.  We hit the creeks but the tide was ripping, and didn’t catch a whole lot until it slow down near the end of our day.  But the last hour was very productive catching a quite a few redfish and snook, one baby tarpon, a sheepshead, and a few other odds and ends.  Backcountry slammin’!  On the way home we hit a couple more big reds and got one that was 20 lbs or so!  Fun day for sure!  Now we have the front here and it’s going to be blowing 25-30 mph for the next few days.  But we’re going to try and get out most of ’em but fishing might be tough.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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