Early October Epic Snook Fishing!

Got out yesterday with my dad, Richard Sr. and our friend Russ.  It was a prefrontal, calm condition – very good for big snook in our area.   These fish we definitely don’t get all the time, and a lot of times they just aren’t an option if the wind is too much or wrong direction.  But before a front like we had, with a calm northerly breeze, it is ideal.  We fished several areas, and many of them had life.  We caught 3 very large snook over 15 lbs, one that was personal best I think close to 28 lbs!  Also quite a few medium/large size fish in the 8 to 12 lb range.  We also got a nice juvenile tarpon early on, and about a half dozen redfish.  Quite an epic day in the backcountry.  We have a lot of wind kicking up now with the front here and lots of rain today (Saturday).  But looks to clear up tomorrow.  It’ll be a bit of a windy week, but should still have good general fishing.  I have some days open come the third week of October (just had a 3 day cancellation, so 19 through 23 are available as of now).  Give me a shout, it’s a great time of year to fish!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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