End of July Everglades backcountry fishing in Islamorada

Well I had Brett and his buddy Cam out today visiting from the west coast California.  They wanted to do a bit more casting and action fishing so we didn’t focus heavy on tarpon.  The summer july tarpon fishing has been a little hit & miss as of late, been catching some fish but it’s really been a lot of work to produce a handful of bites.  So you better hope you catch the ones you get!  There are some tarpon around but yes just having to move around a lot, fish hard and pick through sharks & catfish, and make the most of your opportunities.  And they are moving around so they are in one area one day and gone the next so sometimes a lot of looking is required.  But anyways we skipped worry about all that and focused on snook fishing which was very good.  We were able to get some nice pilchards for bait and fished some islands and had a great snook bite, catching a couple dozen plus a few redfish as well.  We ended up getting some tripletail that were floating in the bay as well including a few nice keeper size ones that we released.  Then we finally did happen to stumble into a spread out group of tarpon in the last hour, and we put a little effort in and did manage to jump 1 off he didn’t stay on the hook.  But oh well can’t always control that my anglers did a great job not doing anything wrong just bad luck.

As we enter August things are slowing down a little bit with business (finally) I do have some open days the first couple weeks of August as of now.  If you are wanting to go fishing it can still be very productive just follow what your guide suggests!  Once we get into September and October those are really honestly some of my favorite times of year to fish as you get the place to yourself.  Also don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list to get updates on when I open up fishing days for next year, I’m just going to be taking more short notice bookings during prime season (feb – jul) and doing an email blast 1st come 1st serve.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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