Mid November Islamorada Fishing Update

Been getting out here & there it’s finally started to slow down just a little bit here in the Florida Keys.  We had an incredibly busy off season with people flocking south for the warm weather and ability to enjoy safe activities like fishing!  I’d been off a few days though recently with having my whole family battling flu.  But yesterday my dad and I got out with legendary Capt. Bouncer Smith for a fun day of fishing.  Another cold front had hit us not super strong but it got into the mid 60s sunday night and a 15 mph north breeze.  We just brought some shrimp along with us for bait.  Fishing was a little tough but we worked at it.  We ended up picking about a half dozen redfish, half dozen snook, small goliath grouper, and a tripletail fishing around some various shorelines in the backcountry.  So again some stuff to catch but definitely no red hot bite for us anywhere and i figured the water was cool enough that the fish would eat shrimp fine (it was 68 degrees).  But sometimes when the temperatures fluctuate like this early on you get some periods where the fish just aren’t super happy.  On the way home we stopped and got lucky we found a few big snook that were happy and Bouncer caught a nice 10 lber and lost a bigger one.  Then I got a whopper close to 20 lbs I would say!  Fantastic way to end the day and a little unexpected unfortunately the big fish have not been super cooperative these last few months, I’m hoping after it really gets cold some more will show up but time will tell.  But good to see a few around and fun day on the water with two fishing legends!  I’m pretty busy through the end of the month and out of town for Thanksgiving anyhow, but I do have some days come early December so give me a shout!  Plus Capt. Brandon has been doing well on the seacraft too.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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