9/1/22 + 9/2/22 Great 2 days of early September fishing with John & Jan

Well we had a great two days with return customers John & Jan who come down from Pennsylvania!  It’s such a great time of year down here as it’s not so busy and they enjoy that part of being on the water.  We fished for 2 days and did some shorter 3/4 days (6 to noon).  Fishing was pretty good the pilchards have been readily available.  Snook were productive even though we didn’t have ideal tides we were able to catch around 20 or so each day.   We had a high falling tide but with the higher water levels we were still able to fish the shorelines and ‘high tide spots’ for a few hours while the tide was going out.  The fish aren’t always as easy to find as it’s just a different pattern, but we were able to get into a few rallies each day. We also caught a juvenile tarpon on day 1, and two juvenile tarpons on day 2.  Day 2 we were able to catch some mullet for bait early on too, which I haven’t been messing with a lot honestly as it’s been hard to find them in the backcountry where we normally get them this time of  year due to water quality issues.  But we found some locally and did give the medium/large tarpon a try for an hour or so the last day.  But unfortunately we didn’t see much action and just a handful of them around.  I think we might of had some luck if we committed to just tarpon and focused on that from the get-go – but sometimes it’s hard to stray from doing other things where you know you can catch fish.  But all in all fishing is looking to stay pretty good through the Fall, it’s my favorite time of year to fish down here.  September is fairly open as is October.  I have availability and am taking bookings, and Capt. Brandon running my SeaCraft is as well and he’s even offering discounted rates.  So give me a shout!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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