1/20/2023 Capt. Trentin on the snooks on a half day

Capt. Trentin got out with some clients the other day for a short half day trip.  Snook and small tarpon were the desired species which sometimes can be tough on a half day especially if you have to run back in the park.  But they  gave it a go he said bait was fairly easy we’ve still been fishing with pilchards fairly often as overall its been a warm winter side from a couple times where it’s gotten cold.  When its cold everything wants shrimp but when its warm the pilchards are a plus.  They fished some islands in the middle bay and found some decent snook schools and caught a good handful along with some mangrove snappers.  They saw some tarpon but were not able to get any bites out of them but had plenty of fun with the snooks and other rod benders.  We’ll still be doing a fair bit of backcountry fishing for the next month but as soon as it warms up some big tarpon should start to show themselves.  The crew here is ready to go after them and the phone is definitely staring to ring for the spring time so make sure to get your dates locked in.  Capt. Trentin is available for evening tarpon trips whenever anyones wants to go if conditions look feasible too so that is always a good short notice possibility.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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