3/5/2023 Spring time March Madness!

Got out with return customer Irv today and his buddy Billy.  Just a gorgeous calm spring day you don’t get any better weather wise.  We had plenty of mullet I had caught over the weekend and also a few big shrimp that were in the tanks.  I was hoping we’d get into the tarpon with the calm spell and sure enough there were tons of ’em out there!  We landed four nice tarpon not monster size fish but more in the 40 to 60 lb range.  Good fighters that you don’t have to pull on forever but you still get all the beautiful jumps and fun.  We also missed a couple others the action was pretty hot & heavy you could say.  Once the tide quit the sharks started to show up a little bit and we decided to switch gears.  It was one of those special days for sure though we got into some big jumbo snook and landed four of them as well!  A couple of those good spots have had some fish the few recent times I’ve been with my dad, and they were there today.  We also caught another one in a spot that we hadn’t caught much lately.  But wow what a day this is the type you dream about.  I’m off for a short ski vacation now and then have kids spring break later this month.  But I have a few days open still in March possibly and if not I have my crew of captains available.  I do have a few prime time spots left in April & May too if you are interested give me a shout!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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