December Sailfish Action

We did a 1/2 day Islamorada fishing charter today aboard the Bn’M. We had Paul and his brother out to celebrate Paul’s birthday. A full day fishing trip always gives you more time and options, but in the winter time we have lots of successful 1/2 day trips since we are only fishing the Reef (4 – 5 miles out). We caught live bait right off the bait and then I asked them what they want to focus on. They both said sailfish, so that made that decision easy! It was really quite the first two hours but then the bait started to “shower” and the Islamorada sailfish moved up on top of the reef chasing big schools of ballyhoo. We saw about half a dozen fish and managed to get 2 bites, and fortunately caught and released both sailfish! It was Paul’s first sailfish so Congrats! Quite often the sailfish will become finicky and not bite the hook baits, but we out smarted two of them and called it a day soon after catching the fish.